Projects 2016 - 2017


Belgium - Olympics 2016 - “Catwalk to Rio” - Franco Dragone Group/ESAC - Special Olympics promotional video: Pascal Duquesne and Giulia Tonini from Royal Ballet

Congo - Kinshasa - S.p.o.rt. first sports production Africa with breakdancers Worlddance (Unesco)

Japan - Paralympics - promotional video clip - “Olympic Games Japan 2020 motto “Accepting one another “Royal Belgian Mission“ Tokyo 2016 with  the support of Agoria, representing 1700 technological companies.


France - VERDUN 2014-2018  Commemoration 2016 with 3000 young French and German performers at the cemetery of Verdun on the music of Tambours du Broncx and beatboxer Scale. Under protection of filmmaker Volker Schlöndorff and in the presence of President Hollande and German Cancelor Angela Merkel TV1 broadcasted live.

Projects 2014- 2015.

  • Choreographer : Bal des Sports 2014 Wiesbaden “Jump Sotchi ” with 40 athletes for Deutsche Sporthilfe (Jung von Matt,Hamburg and Schwarzkopf TV,Berlin).
                            : EU Inklusion Dance project Barbara Monheim Foundation Kiev  2013-2016 with Anatoli Zalevsky Center ( Cirque du Soleil), Serge Lifar Balletschool and Kindern in Not von Our Kids Center and various homes in Kiev.(Ukraine). Schirmherr Volker Schlöndorf. Filmteam followed creative process during one year with showing on Arte Sept/Okt.2014
                           : "Cosi fan Tutte" Mozart with Hans-Joachim Frey (Intendant Bruckner House  Linz (Austria) in Buryatia (Russian Mongolia).Conductor: Philipp Chizhevsky (Bolshoi,Moskou)
                           : S.P.O.R.T. National Ballet (Canberra,Australia)                    
  • Teaching       :  International  Iceskating Pair Seminar 2014 with 12 countries worldwide (Berlin,Germany)
                           : Artistik workshops Franco Dragones cast "House of dancing Waters( Macao,China/Lint,Belgium)
  • Seminars       : Bodylanguage on Management and H.R City of dreams Franco Dragone ."House of dancing Water, Investment Azure Residences Group Armani Building,Paris Hilton,etc.(Manilla, Philippines), Parential board National Canberra Ballet (Australia), Federal Police Security&Contingency Passport Day Falsification tendencies with border controlers /profilers of Gambia,Burundi,Guinea,Kenia,Benin,Senegal,Ruanda,etc. (Brussels,Belgium).